Training and Education / Skills and Transformation

Due to the historic legacy of inequality in South Africa, skills development and skills shortages currently pose a significant risk to the cement industry and South Africa’s economy.

The ACMP has committed to building the capacity of the cement industry through the development of qualifications and learnerships. As such, our members provide funding for bursaries; learnerships; artisan and apprentice training, ABET training; training for senior management, professionals, and skilled and semi-skilled workers.



Corporate Social Investment initiatives by our members gain immense support and have far reaching impacts in the communities served. The total budgets spent on CSI initiatives by all 5 members are:

Table 4: Corporate Social Investment Expenditure

Some of the projects that our members support include housing, schools, education, community training, infrastructure developments, and welfare projects. Two members have indicated that for all three years of reporting, between 32% and 52% of each one’s total CSI budgets were spend on education related projects.

ACMP stakeholder engagement policy

ACMP recognises the importance of stakeholder consultation in the following aspects: Water, Environment, Climate Change, and Air quality, therefore we commit to:

  • Engaging with relevant stakeholders and supporting the development of national initiatives to manage Greenhouse gases;
  • Actively participate in discussions and forums on the responsible use of water and enabling regulation and legislation.