The ACMP is based in Midrand, Gauteng, and operates under the management of the Executive Director, Dr Dhiraj Rama. To ensure equal and fair representation of all members at the Association, Dr Rama functions independently as Executive Director (ED) of the Association, he is not employed at any of the members to the Associations, but is employed directly by the Association. This ensures an objective approach to fulfilling his responsibilities of identifying the mutual needs of members and the planning and implementation of the association’s projects and programmes to address those needs.

The ACMP is governed by its Constitution which was drawn up on the establishment of the association in 2005 and it details the roles and responsibilities of the association, and member companies. The Constitution was recently amended to align it with the statutory requirements of a non-profit organisation (NPO) The diagram below illustrates the governance structure of the ACMP.


Figure 1: Governance Structure of the ACMP


The Executive Committee (Exco)

The ACMP Executive Committee is made up of one representative at the executive level from each of the five member companies which meet on a quarterly basis. The Chairpersonship is based upon a two year rotation allowing all member companies to have fair representation as Chairperson.

  • The responsibilities of the Exco include:
  • Overseeing the financial and organisational management of the ACMP
  • Providing leadership and direction to the activities,
  • projects and focus areas of the ACMP
  • Approval of projects and budgets
  • Performance management of the Executive Director of the ACMP

As ACMP leaders, the Exco strives for a clear link between strategies, material issues, key performance indicators and risk.

Financial Performance

Funding is obtained from membership fees, which are calculated in proportion to company turnover. The funds received are managed by an independent auditing firm and the association is independently audited on a monthly basis and quarterly audit reports prepared. The audit reports are submitted to the Exco for acceptance. To ensure our independence from government and any other interested organisations, especially when representing the industry in legislation based stakeholder engagement, no financial assistance is received from other sources (including government).