In 2005, clinker and cement producers in South Africa convened to establish the Association of Cementitious Material Producers (ACMP); an industry body with the primary function of identifying areas of mutual member interest in sustainable development within of the cement industry in South Africa. The ACMP acts as an umbrella body for five South African clinker and cementitious material producing companies, specifically guiding and representing these companies’ interests in the fields of environmental stewardship, health and safety practices and community and stakeholder interaction.

The primary objectives of the ACMP are fivefold, overall indicating our strive to foster an industry environment in which stakeholders and the natural environment in which our members operate are considered, uplifted, impacts are reduced, legislative requirements are upheld and open lines of communication and trust is established. These objectives are:

  • To build stakeholder trust in the cementitious material producer industry in South Africa through relationship initiatives with our employees, the communities in which we operate, the authorities, stakeholders and various NGOs;
  • Promote environmental, health and safety best practice amongst members through research, training and the establishment of industry guidelines based on local and international experience and best practice;
  • Promote regulatory compliance and active participation with the authorities in the development of appropriate environmental and health and safety law reform;
  • Support capacity building initiatives consistent with the National Skills Development Programme; and,
  • Represent member interests in matters affecting common industry interests.