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The ACMP is a voluntary organisation established in 2005.  Its membership is open to manufacturers of cementitious materials in South Africa.

The primary objectives of the ACMP are to:

  • build stakeholder trust in the cementitious material producer industry in South Africa through relationship initiatives with our employees, the communities in which we operate, the authorities, stakeholders and NGOs;
  • promote environmental, health and safety best practice amongst members through research, training and the establishment of industry guidelines based on local and international experience and best practice;
  • promote regulatory compliance and active participation with the authorities in the development of appropriate environmental and health and safety law reform;
  • support capacity building initiatives consistent with the National Skills Development Programme;  and,
  • represent member interests in matters affecting common industry interests.

To be a dynamic industry association promoting the principles of sustainable development whilst adding value to our members through ensuring sound co-operation between industry, government, society and other relevant role-players.

To achieve our primary objectives, through:

  • effective conduit between industry, government and NGOs;
  • focusing on and efficiently dealing with matters of common interest to members;
  • supporting sustainable growth and development initiatives for the benefit of all;
  • promoting the optimal utilisation of natural resources within the constraint of necessary economic development;
  • promoting environmental and health and safety stewardship amongst members;
  • promoting capacity building in the industry through knowledge transfer and technical skills improvement;
  • promoting positive stakeholder engagement;
  • promoting corporate stewardship through industry level sustainability reporting; and,
  • being an influencing agent in legislation.

ACMP members subscribe to the following values:

  • integrity;
  • professionalism;
  • honesty;  and,
  • service excellence.

Day-to-day running of the Association is controlled by an Executive Director:  Dr. D.B.K. Rama


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